Summer Camp FAQ: 2020 Edition

Camp FAQ: 2020 Edition

Our new Camps Director, Andy Hill has forwarded us a batch of his most frequently asked questions when talking to families about our upcoming camps program.

Please don’t hesitate to forward more questions to him via email or by calling him 718-758-7510.

Click here for more general information about our Summer Camp.

Where do the buses pick up and drop off from?
All areas in Brooklyn to Rockaway Queens

What is the earliest/oldest age I can enroll my child in a summer camp/after school program?
The earliest age that we accept campers is 3 years old. Oldest is 15 years old.

Is there an early drop-off or pick up available?
Early drop off for children start at 7:45 am and late pick up goes until 7:00 pm

What kinds of discounts are available for summer camp?
We have an early bird discount, a sibling discount, and a whole summer discount

How many children and counselors are there per group?
We have a standard ratio of 1 counselor to every 9 children per group.

Is lunch served every day and do I need to send food with my child?
Yes, we do provide lunch and snack every day for the child. But you are more than welcome to provide lunch for your child from home.

Should I send my child to camp with money?
If you want to you are more than welcome. We have a full café here at Aviator if your child wants to purchase food or drinks. For field trips, it is also an option, totally up to you. However, we are not responsible for lost or stolen money.

My child does not want to go on today’s trip. Can he/she stay in the building with another group from another division?
If your child comes to camp that day that have to go on the field trip. All campers go on the same field trip every Wednesday so there will be no staff or groups that are in Aviator that day. If your child does not want to come on the field trip please leave your child at home.

For how long does the camp run?
Camp runs from June 29th to August 21st. Broken up into 2 camp sessions. Session 1 (6/29 – 7/24) and Session 2 (7/27 – 8/21)

When do medical forms have to be handed in?
Medical forms have to be handed in before camp starts. Please make sure they are up to date.

What kind of field trips do the campers go on?
Every Wednesday we go on field trips to various different places. Aquariums, amusement parks, museums and other various places within the tristate area.

Do all the age ranges mingle with each other?
Day to day activities there will be possible interaction with each other. But typically all grades stay within their age ranges

What do I do if my child/ren has allergies?
Make sure it is indicated on the medical forms of what allergies your child/ren has. If your child/ren has an epi-pen or any other medication please bring it to our nurse on the first day of camp or make sure your child/ren has it on them to give to our nurse.

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