The 5 Most important Things to Know When Selecting an After School Program

We’re officially in Back to School mode! Last week, NYC students waved goodbye to the summer of 2016 and hello to new teachers, classrooms, and friends. For most parents, it’s a welcome reprieve – the kids go back to school and they don’t have to worry about how to keep them busy and safe. For the kids, it’s a dread that their fabulously free summers are over, and it’s back to schoolwork and homework.

But what about after school? How do you keep kids engaged and happy? What about making time for playdates or sports? Finding the right after school program is important to all of the aforementioned questions. But how do you know what to look for? Emily Slavutskaya, coordinator of youth programs at Aviator Sports and Events Center, recommends five things to consider when picking the right after school program for kids:

1) Homework assistance being given by quality staff – The few hours after school are a critical time for children to work on their homework, projects, and assignments. They are still fresh from learning the subject matter at school and completing homework promptly helps reinforce what they were taught. Another important factor is the quality staff at the program. Homework Helpers need to be knowledgeable in the various subjects, including but not limited to English, math, science, social studies.

2) Bus service from schools at dismissal time to the after school program facility – Parents shouldn’t have to worry about how their children are getting to after school. Relying on carpools or waiting for a bus/van that has to make multiple stops doesn’t give parents peace of mind. An after school program that provides bus service from multiple schools alleviates these concerns.

3) Full-day programming on days when school is not in session – Events like teacher conferences are built into kids schedules but not their parents’ work schedule. An after school program that runs on kids vacation days allows parents to work without having to worry about babysitters keeping kids entertained for the day. Instead, kids get to have a fun day with friends in a place they enjoy.

4) Healthy Snacks and Drinks – The after school snack has been a staple of kids lives since school was invented. It is important that an After School Program be able to provide kids with nutritious snacks to keep their minds sharp and their bodies energized for homework help and fun activities.

5) Fun and exciting activities – Homework help shouldn’t take forever so after school programs need to have a variety of exciting programs to keep kids entertained and having fun during their time at after school.

Another bonus to consider – you can use the after school program for kids at Aviator as a way to transport your kids to their sports programs at Aviator Sports.

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Visit our after school program page to learn more about the options available for your child. Aviator’s youth programming staff is always on hand to provide tours or answer questions. Call 718-758-7518.


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