Before you get into the hardcore workout at our sports and events center, it is very important to warm up so your body is ready for the challenge. Keep reading to see how warming up can take your exercise routine to the next level.

Slowly Get the Body Ready for Strenuous Exercise

One of the most important aspects of the warm­-up is giving your body the slow preparation it needs to perform at its best. A less strenuous warm­-up helps you raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping in a slow, safe manner. By the time the warm­-up is complete, you will be prepared to give it your all.

Get Your Mind in the Zone

When you add a warm-­up to your workout routine, it helps you focus your thoughts and get into the zone that enables you to give it your all. Spending some time warming up before a CrossFit class, for example, mentally prepares you for the hardcore exercises you are about to do. Give yourself ample time to warm up so you are more ready to exert energy during your workout.

Prevent Injury

If you can get your heart rate elevated, your blood circulating, and your muscles loose, it helps you preform the exercises without injuring yourself. Take the time to prepare your body and your muscles for the intensity of a really great workout so you can perform at top levels without getting injured.

Whether you want to try out CrossFit or just pick up a game of basketball, Aviator Sports and Events Center is here for you. As New York City’s largest sports and events center, we make it easy to stay active throughout the year. To learn more about our facilities or our upcoming schedule, visit our website or call 718-758-7500.

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