Indoor rock climbing is a sport that offers a great workout and plenty of fun for the whole family. If you are thinking of taking up this intensive sport, the following tips for indoor rock climbing for beginners will help you make a seamless transition.

Always Warm Up and Stretch Before Touching the Wall Take time to warm up so your muscles and joints are loose enough to do their best once you get on the wall. Spend about thirty minutes warming up and getting your heart rate up before you attempt to tackle any challenging routes. Stretch thoroughly to get the best circulation and flexibility that will help improve your climbing technique.

Don’t Grip Too Hard

Some people squeeze tightly on the grips to steady themselves as they climb. However, this over-exertion can actually make it more difficult to get up the wall. Relax your grip to keep your forearms from burning out too quickly. Try to keep your back and shoulders as loose as possible during the climb so you don’t get tired and have difficulty continuing up the wall.

Work on Your Balance

Strengthening your core muscles on the floor is a great way to improve your balance on the wall. Add some core­ focused exercises to your routine to strengthen your abs and lower back muscles. A strong core makes it easier for you to find your center of balance and maintain your position on the wall.

Put Your Skills To the Test

Whether you are a novice climber or a pro, New York City’s Aviator Sports and Events Center is here to help you get into the sport. Our “Aviator Rock” is 35 feet high, which is one of the tallest that you can find anywhere in New York City. We also cater to a wide variety of sports and events that are perfect for teams or families.

Come try out indoor rock climbing for yourself! Visit our facilities located in Brooklyn or call 718-758-7500 to learn more about our facilities.

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