Tips For Keeping Your Kids Active

Growing up without the range of technological distractions that tend to suck up our children’s attention made it easier for us to get restless inside and go outside and play. If you are struggling to encourage your child to be more active and are looking to change that, check out this Parents TV clip. Encouraging a child to do something is often a matter of making the idea sound fun and attractive. In addition to providing tips that can help you make exercise more appealing to your child, this video clip contains advice on instilling active habits in your child at home from a young age.
While active games and exemplary behavior at home can help, many happy children are drawn to group or team sports play outside of the house. If you live in New York City and are looking for a place where your child can learn how to ice skate, practice gymnastics, or play on a basketball or volleyball team,  call Aviator Sports and Events Center at 718-758-7500.


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