Tennis is sport that can be enjoyed by people of many ages and fitness levels. By starting your child in the game of tennis at an early age, you will help to encourage a lifetime love of the sport. Not only will tennis help to boost your child’s physical fitness, tennis also improves confidence, problem solving, and team building skills. If you are interested in tennis lessons for your child, here are some tennis for kids tips to help you get your child started in the game of tennis.

Start at an Early Age

Tennis can be enjoyed by children as young as five. By the time a child is five years old, he or she will have the motor skills needed to hold a racket. By starting tennis lessons at an early age, you will help your child build his or her abilities and confidence on the court.

Involve the Entire Family

Tennis provides a great opportunity for your entire family to spend time together. You may consider practicing with your child on the court. In addition, be sure to offer encouragement and support for your child during lessons and games.

Find a Class

Tennis lessons are essential for building a solid foundation in the sport. If you are interested in getting started in tennis, you may want to seek out a class that is taught by a professional instructor. During tennis lessons, your child will develop the habits and skills needed to become a terrific tennis player. If you are interested in enrolling your child in tennis lessons, be sure to contact Aviator Sports and Event Center. Our sports facilities offer a variety of athletic programs that will be fun for your entire family. To learn more about the events and classes that we have to offer the New York City area, call us at 718-758-7500

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