Are you looking for a fun physical activity that you can enjoy with your family? If so, consider taking up ice skating! Figure skating is a great way for the whole family to have some fun any day of the week. Even if you have never ice skated before, you and your child can lace up some skates and get into the rink for family fun-time. Keep reading to learn a few tips that will help you get started in figure skating.

Learn the Basics
The first time you take to the ice, you will probably feel a little bit shaky and nervous. This is perfectly normal! Instead of trying to skate as soon as you hit the ice, sit down and then stand up. This will help you find your balance and get used to being upright on the slippery surface. Try marching forward on the ice slowly to get your footing, and then begin forward gliding with two feet. Being able to stop on the ice is just as important as being able to start, so learn the snowplow stop before you try any fancy footwork.

Find a Teacher
It is possible to learn how to ice skate on your own, but expect a lot more falls and bumps if you choose this route. Aviator Sports And Events Center offers beginner figure skating lessons for children, teens, and adults so you can feel confident about your skills on the ice. Our impressive team of figure skating instructors will help you master the basics of ice skating so you can advance, or just so you can enjoy
public skating time with your family!

Like most sports, you must practice figure skating in order to feel safe and comfortable in the rink. Check out the public skating program at Aviator Sports And Events Center to see when you can get on the ice to practice the skills you learned in your private lessons.

Figure skating is a fun activity for the whole family. Contact Aviator Sports And Events Center in New York City at 718-758-7500 to find out how you and your children can get started with your new sport!

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