Tips To Hosting An Unforgettable Corporate Event

So – You want to plan a top-notch corporate event for your dedicated employees.  Where to begin?  How can you show the people that come to work every day that what they do is appreciated?  Here at Aviator, we have executed a number of corporate events for companies of all sizes.  From trade shows, to product launches, to recreational corporate picnics, we have helped hundreds of companies coordinate effective and enjoyable events.   Here are some tips that we have found to be of assistance to top executives in designing a memorable and successful day.

First off, decide what you would like to accomplish with your event.  What is the purpose of this day?  Is it to execute some form of training?  Is it to promote strong employee relationships?  Will it be a day of relaxation to unwind from a busy work season?  No matter what the reason, give your employees something to look forward to.  Whether they will be learning something new to benefit their career, or enjoying a fun filled day to celebrate meeting this year’s sales goal, make sure to let them know how they will benefit from attending your event.

Now that you have established a “what”, let’s establish a “where”.  Where would be the best venue to activate your event? Indoors or outdoors? Onsite or offsite?  How many people will be attending?  Take into consideration all of the components that your day will need to be successful – food, drinks, activities, projectors, chairs, tables, music, etc.  Picture how the day will flow in your mind, and make sure to take note of every detail that you will need to take care of.   Then, choose a venue that meets all of these needs, and that is easily accessible for your employees.  If you will not be providing transportation, venues that provide free parking or easy access to busses/trains are an added bonus, and will encourage more people to attend!

Purpose of your event? Check! Venue? Check! Now, let’s give everyone a day to remember!  Don’t be afraid to get creative.  Maybe you want to incorporate a fun theme, or add some exciting team building activities.  Speak to some of your employees, and get their opinions.  Every company is different, and has its own unique personality – so your event should be unique as well!  There is no better way to inspire team work than to bring everyone together for one common cause that they will enjoy.  Speak with the event specialists at your venue about what you are trying to accomplish, and listen to their suggestions.  Let them know the vision that you have, and work together to make it a reality!

Last step- exhale, and ENJOY YOUR DAY! The thank you’s and smiles on your employee’s faces will make all your hard work and planning worth it.

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