Even if you’ve never played hockey before, you are probably aware of how integral skating is to the sport. Before every learning to handle a stick or shoot the puck, any aspiring hockey player should hone his or he skating skills to gain confidence on the ice. Improving one’s skating skills can also be valuable, even if you already do have some experience in the rink. No matter what the level of your hockey game is, you might benefit from these skating tips to sharpen your game.

Keep a focused posture
It may be tempting to look at your feet on the ice, especially if you are just learning to skate, but the best method for staying balanced is holding your head up with eyes forward. If you have your eyes toward the ice when you are playing hockey, you might be a vulnerable target to take a hit and you could easily lose track of the puck. A deep knee bend is also beneficial for maintaining the right posture.

Practice falling down
While playing hockey, you might get pushed around, knocked down, or thrown off balance while performing quick maneuvers. This means that you might lose your footing and fall over or need to compensate quickly so that you can stay upright. These are skills you should practice so that you aren’t as likely to suffer serious injuries after taking a tumble on the ice.

Improve flexibility off the ice
You can become a better skater even when you don’t have your skates on by practicing exercises that will help you get more flexibility and balance. Yoga may be a valuable activity for honing your balance skills, while weight training and agility-­based exercises are useful for flexibility and quick recovery.

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