Many children play dodgeball on the playground, throwing balls at each other’s teams in a rush of excitement and activity, but dodgeball isn’t just for kids. Rules for organized, adult games of dodgeball do exist, and you and your friends can enjoy this familiar game as a casual pastime or as a tournament sport.

Setting Up a Dodgeball Game
To play dodgeball, you will need two teams, each with six to 10 players. Six players per team are on the field during a game. The game is played on a volleyball-­sized court with a center line and two attack lines three meters from the center. The game also requires six rubber­-coated foam balls.

Playing a Game
Game play starts when both teams run to the center line to grab the three balls on their right side of the court. Once the balls are carried back beyond the attack line, players can begin trying to knock the other team “out.” There are two methods for getting players from the opposing team “out” during a game: You can either score a direct hit on the player below the shoulders, or you can catch a direct throw from the other team. A direct hit or throw cannot hit the floor, ceiling, or other players before making contact.

Winning It All
A team is considered the winner when all members of the opposing team have been knocked out. Games are limited to three­-minute stretches, and if neither team is entirely out at this time, the team with the greater number of players remaining is declared the winner. In the case of disputes, players are expected to resolve the problem with the help of the court monitor, if necessary.

If you want to play competitive dodgeball, Aviator Sports and Events Center offers both an adult league and a youth league for teens ages 14­17 in New York City. You can call us today at 718-758-7500 to find out more about dodgeball leagues or other opportunities to participate in ice skating, Crossfit, and much more.

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