Volleyball is a fun and engaging sport that happens to offer a host of health and fitness benefits. Even though it may feel like you are hardly working out, bumping a volleyball around on the beach or an indoor court at a place like Aviator Sports can provide you with the following health advantages.

Boost Heart and Lung Health

A game of volleyball requires many short bursts of energy, which can quickly increase a player’s heart rate and push that player’s lungs to the limit. These frequent bursts of energy, punctuated by short breaks, make volleyball a form of high­-intensity interval training that can strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory health.

Strengthen Muscles

Throughout the course of a game of volleyball, you will serve, pass, bump, set, dig, block, and attack the ball. These actions engage the core and work an array of arm and leg muscles. Incorporate volleyball into your regular routine, and you should notice that your muscles are more toned in a matter of weeks.

Improve Stamina

If you have not been very active in a while, your first few pick­up volleyball games will probably seem exhausting. Over time, however, your body will get used to working so hard and the games will feel less tiring. Your stamina and endurance will increase, and you may experience less fatigue in your day-­to­-day life.

Increase Agility

Speed and reaction time go a long way in volleyball. The quick changes of pace and direction that make the game interesting can make you more flexible, increase your agility, and improve your balance. Volleyball is an excellent workout for adults and children of most ages. If you are looking for a volleyball training camp for your child or adolescent or you think that an evening spent playing pick­up volleyball games sounds like fun, call Aviator Sports and Events Center in New York City at 718-758-7500. It is a lot easier to take care of your health and fitness when you know how to do things that are both healthy
and fun.

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