Basketball is a sport that is just as fun to play as it is to watch, but it is very important for players to do a proper warm­-up before they go out on the court. Playing without giving your muscles a chance to loosen up can result in injuries that could bench you for the rest of the season. Here are three ways to give your body a proper pregame warm-­up:

Warm­-Up Jog
There’s a very good reason why NASCAR drivers rev their engines just before their race starts: revving gets oil flowing through the pipes and cylinders and ensures that no engine parts will incur damage from metal scraping on metal. This same principle applies in sports, nearly all of which should start out with a light jog to get blood pumping and loosen up muscles. Muscles need a good supply of oxygen­-rich blood before they can work at full capacity. Without a light jog to get the blood flowing first, an intense workout or game will strain the muscles to the point that they tear.

Few exercises do a better job at warming up your body in preparation for a game or practice than skipping. The routine of using your toes to propel the rest of your body off the ground is a skill that will help you immensely when dodging, pivoting, jumping, and taking rebound shots. Skipping for about three to four minutes should be perfect for loosening tight muscles and getting your endurance up.

Pointed Toes
Sometimes the simplest and easiest exercises may the biggest impact. The shins and calves always take a beating during basketball practices and games, as they support the weight of your body as you run and jump. By walking on your heels with your shin muscles tightened, you can get these crucial parts of your body warmed up and ready for action.

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