Playing sports is a great way to lose weight, stay fit, and make new friends! If volleyball is your go-­to sport, you can enjoy practice and matches here at Aviator Sports And Event Center. Our volleyball courts provide the perfect space for a variety of local leagues and clinics. You can make the most of your next volleyball match with help from these simple warm­-up tips:

Take a Quick Jog
Many athletes think that stretching is the first step of any warm-­up session, but this may not always be true! If you have not used your muscles in a while, they may be cold and need some warming up before you stretch. Take a quick jog to warm your muscles and prepare your body. After your jog, muscles will benefit more from stretching and be more flexible and alert during your game.

Stretch It Out
You should not necessarily start with stretching, but you should not skip it, either. Stretching is essential for moving the muscles and getting them ready for more demanding movements. Flexibility is important for any sport, including volleyball. You can improve your body’s flexibility by stretching regularly before practicing or participating in a volleyball match. Stretch your arm muscles with arm circles and swinging practices. Lunge and touch your toes to stretch muscles in other parts of the body.

Play Some Games
Volleyball players should play a few warm­-up games before starting the actual match. This helps teams prepare and get in the spirit for a real competition. Incorporate volleyball movements into popular games such as freeze tag to help players have fun while warming up. You and your teammates can also play dodge ball to warm up and get your heads in the game.

Make sure your volleyball match is exciting by hosting it here at Aviator Sports And Events Center. We hope you have enjoyed our Tune Up for High School volleyball clinic this week. Call us at 718-758-7500 to learn about our New York City sports center and how you can play here!

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