What are the Benefits of Improv Classes?

The Definitive list of the benefits of Improv and Acting

Let’s get this out of the way, you’re never too old to start! And it doesn’t matter at what point you are in your life, whether you’re set on a fulfilling career path or still trying to find your way, there is plenty to take out of an Improv course. The hardest part of taking an improvisation course is that first mental block you’re probably setting up for yourself, no matter if it comes from a place of fear or indifference. You improvise every day without giving it a second thought when you’re having a conversation or playing your sport of choice

It was only last year when Aviator Sports brought in actor Leif Riddell to incorporate his Acting/Improv Playhouse into our programming. Students of his have already gone on to land television, film, and commercial work from his acting techniques. The end goal doesn’t have to be landing a role on television, there are a plethora of aspirations you can have that doesn’t involve being the next big movie star.


An important factor in the practice of improv is bouncing off one another to create a coherent dialogue. The spontaneous nature will help you build chemistry with your partner, trying to be on the same page as one another to complete the exercise. Factor in that you need to be able to catch your breath from the constant laughter you bring upon yourselves makes these exercises even more difficult to get through for all the right reasons.


It’s commonly stated that 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking and that definitely carries over into improv. It’s actually taken to new heights when you can’t properly prepare, instead, everything is done on a whim. Throwing yourself into the fire, in this case, is the best option because with the benefit of improv lies in the fact that it’s impossible to fail at it. As long as you continue forward the conversation, you’ve succeeded at improv, where a presentation can go south very quickly.


Forgot about those brain game apps on your phone, if you truly want to exercise your mental abilities you should be doing improv. Thinking on your feet is an understatement, with practices that could stretch your imaginations to their limits. One improv exercise could have a group of people saying one word simultaneously to complete a sentence or tell a story. However, the idea is not to spend much of any time thinking of what that next word can be, making things go off the rails fairly quickly.


There’s nothing comforting about improv, in fact, one could argue that’s the very foundation for improv is the discomfort. For most people, this might be a deal-breaker, which gives you all the more reason to try it. Comfort feels great, even the word ‘comfort’ brings that homey feel you turn to. Unfortunately, it is a ruse, as comfort is the antidote of growth, doing things we don’t want to do is pivotal to our social and physical development. No one enjoys working out, it’s repetitive, but you do it because you don’t want it to hurt when you’re getting out of bed in your late 50s. Don’t neglect your brain’s natural intuitions to be challenged, improv is a harmless place to start.


When you speak, it’s not the content of your words that’ll move people, make them laugh, or shake them to their core. It’s your inflection, the context, your posture that all punch up the delivery of your message. There are plenty of exercises that improv forces you to use your body language to convey your message. Think of it as grown-up charades, your confidence in your ability to use your body as a tool is what will take your communication levels to their full potential. Not only learning how to use your body but understanding the body language of others will benefit you in social and relationship settings. People have created careers learning the science of body language and improv brings to the table the tools to help comprehend a person’s positioning.

Improv techniques have benefitted people socially, financially, and athletically. With these taken into account, Aviator Sports is offering a free improv class on Saturday, October 13 with Actor Leif Riddell for you to see for yourself. Try it with a friend or family member to help make it a more comfortable experience for yourself. If you’re a little more set on improv being something you want to dive into, I’d recommend of our acting classes we have avaiable on weekly basis.

To learn more about acting Leif and his Acting/Improv Playhouse, check out http://leifsimprovplayhouse.com/

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