What are you doing for the Summer…Dinner?

As parents with school-aged children, we are certain the question of 2018 Summer plans is the most perplexing inquiry this side of “ What’s for dinner ” and like the latter, it is best to have a solid answer before we all come to the table.

The best way to temper the anxiety of keeping your child enriched and occupied, from late June through August, is to be an Early Bird and gather options as soon as you can, even before the end of the calendar year. Though possibilities are many, it is important to make an informed decision in 2017 before you’re forced to make a rushed conclusion in June 2018.

The path to affordable Summer Camp selections is paved with stories of last minute planning leading to savings left on the table. As a family, you have the opportunity to save up to $595, if you take advantage of Aviator Sports qualifying discounts.

Let’s start by gathering information and compare savings so we don’t end up like those unfortunately paying more than they would have to, in order to have a place for their child to have the Best Summer of their lives.

Reach out to Aviator’s Youth Department for information on how you, your child and your money can have a great summer vacation. We can talk with the family about it over dinner.


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