Canada may have been the birthplace of ice hockey, but the sport probably has more regular players in New York City today than in any other urban metropolis in the world. To see first­hand what the sport’s appeal is about, visit a family fun rink in your area. Just be sure to bring all equipment that is essential to game play.

Sticks, skates, and a puck are the most obvious pieces of equipment you need for a game of ice hockey. In order to play safely, you need protective gear as well. A helmet is critical, a mouth guard essential, and pads for your shoulders, knees, and shins can all help. To lug all of this equipment around, you may also want a hockey bag.

If you have been interested in ice hockey for some time but have yet to pick up a stick and give the game a shot, there is no better time than now to give it a shot. To learn about playing and taking lessons at Aviator Sports and Events Center in New York City, call 718-758-7541.

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