Flip, turn, jump, roll, and balance. These are some of the commands with which gymnasts grow most familiar, and following them can yield more than 1st place ribbons and gold trophies at competitive
events. The physical and non­physical benefits of practicing gymnastics are profound, and they include:

Strength Building
The varied nature of gymnastics events and routines requires practitioners to use and train all the major muscle groups. It is a great way for children and adults to improve their overall strength, as well as
increase bone density.

When you hear the word “gymnastics,” how long does it take you to think of the splits? The splits require a flexibility level that can only be reached through frequent and regular stretching, and they are only one example of several gymnastics moves that require an advanced degree of flexibility. Flexible persons experience fewer aches and pains than those with more limited ranges of motion, and their bodies are more resistant to injuries.

Mental Clarity
Gymnastics makes for great mental as well as physical exercise. The concentration and determination that are required to pull off impressive stunts on the floor can spill over into one’s school or work life. The
result of this spillover manifests itself in a sharper, clearer mind that is better equipped to focus on a given task at hand and solve problems.

People Skills
Gymnasts perform most stunts and routines individually, but they generally work in groups and often compete as part of a team. This gives them practice encouraging others, can help them build confidence
in themselves, and teaches them to deal with both setbacks and upswings with ease. Most athletic pursuits offer a host of benefits, but few of those benefit sets are as far-­reaching as that
associated with gymnastics training. If you are looking to foster a healthy environment for your child or improve your own fitness and mental acumen, consider enrolling in gymnastics training at an events
center that specializes in family fun. To learn about the gymnastics training and events available at Aviator Sports and Events Center of NYC, call 715-758-7500

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