Why Choose Gymnastics for Kids at Aviator Sports in Brooklyn NY?

Short days and long nights of wet and dreary weather make winter one of the most miserable times of the year. While grown-ups want to just hibernate until spring, kids still need a chance to get healthy exercise and enjoy fun activities after school. This is just one of the reasons why so many parents choose gymnastics for kids at Aviator Sports in Brooklyn, NY.

When Brooklyn parents search for “children’s gymnastics near me,” they’ll find several good choices. But Aviator Sports offers gymnastics for all ages – from preschool to older teens. That’s not something you’ll find in every Brooklyn gymnastics facility.

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Is Gymnastics Good for Kids

Kid’s health and development experts will tell you that gymnastics is great for kids, especially toddlers and preschoolers.

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Gymnastics provides small children with the fundamentals of any sport, improving coordination and spatial awareness. Most importantly, it evokes the joy of movement, leading to life-long good habits.

Gymnastics teaches resilience and how to handle challenges. The class environment provides opportunity to learn social skills, like creating and maintaining relationships and managing conflict.

Kids learn important lessons on determination and self-discipline — how to set goals and work toward them. Gymnastics also provides an artistic outlet as well as an athletic one.

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What Age Can Kids Start Gymnastics?

Health experts recommend that children from the ages of 3 to 5 remain physically active throughout the day. This is quite a challenge for tired parents.

Preschool gymnastics classes at Aviator Sports in Brooklyn provide guided and supervised physical activity for kids ages 3 to 4.

Designed to build confidence and instill a love of athletics, our highly trained instructors offer children positive encouragement. Kids work on balance and coordination while learning basic skills like cartwheels and forward rolls.

Kindergarten classes for 5-year-olds builds on these skills, with the same devoted attention and encouragement from coaches.

What to Know About Aviator Sports Gymnastics

You’re bound to have questions when you’re looking for the best kid’s gymnastic program in Brooklyn. There are things you’ll want to look for and things you’ll want to consider.

What kind of facilities does Aviator Sports offer?

Aviator Sports has one of the most up-to-date gymnastics facilities in New York. We offer 15,000 square feet of space, with equipment for every gymnastic skill.

What type of coaching is best for kids’ gymnastics

Aviator Sports’ coaches are highly experienced and focused on teaching kids at the appropriate level using positive reinforcement and encouragement. Each child is coached as an individual.

What do kids wear to gymnastics?

Clothing for gymnastics should provide flexibility and ease of movement. Many girls prefer to wear leotards or unitards because it makes them feel like a “real” gymnast. Boys might prefer a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

Your child shouldn’t wear any baggy clothing, as it interferes with movement and can catch on the equipment.

Long hair should be secured and out of the way to avoid painful snags. Your little gymnast should also avoid wearing any jewelry for the same reason. Purchase special glasses made for sports or secured them with a band.

Bare feet are also the norm, as they provide the best traction.

How are kids’ gymnastics classes structured at Aviator Sports?

Girls’ gymnastics classes are divided by age groups and experience level. Aviator Sports offers classes throughout the week for girls from age 6 to 17. Depending on your child’s age, choose from 1- or 1.5-hour classes.

The program offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels so each girl finds the perfect starting point. Classes offer skills in spring floor, vault, uneven bars, beam, foam pit, and trampoline, to name a few.

Boys from age 6 to 14 will find 1.5-hour gymnastics classes on Saturdays over the winter months. Boys learn skills on the floor, high bar, parallel bar, rings, pommel horse, and vault.

Aviator Sports also offers Ninja Warrior/Parkour training for kids, and tumble and trampoline classes for boys and girls. For kids who focus on other sports like dance or cheer, or want to learn Parkour, these classes are a great way to stay in shape while improving balance and flexibility.

Whether your child is a serious gymnast with a glint of Olympic Gold in their eye or you’re simply looking for a healthy outlet for your preschooler’s enthusiasm, Aviator Sports has something for you. Conveniently located in Floyd Bennett Field and easily accessible by public transportation, Aviator Sports offers the best kids’ gymnastics classes in Brooklyn.

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