Rock climbing provides a unique experience that combines physical fitness with a sense of adventure and personal triumph. Rock climbing can also be a wonderful family fun activity. The Aviator Rock at Aviator Sports And Events Center, at 35 feet high, offers one of the tallest indoor rock climbing walls in New York. Before you head out to your first climbing session, you will want to understand the sport’s basic equipment. Read on for more information about what you will need for your first climb.

Appropriate Clothing
First and foremost, you will want to wear comfortable clothing. Many climbers opt for standard workout gear such as gym shorts or yoga pants and a t­shirt or tank top. Keep in mind that you will be stretching your arms and legs to reach handholds and footholds and, as such, will want to choose clothing that allows you a full range of movement.

The shoes that you put on are as important as the clothes you wear. Proper footwear can be imperative to securing and holding onto a comfortable foothold. Special climbing shoes are available to rent, giving you extra grip on the climbing wall.

Harness & Rope
The two pieces of equipment that are essential to climbing are a rope and a harness. Your harness is worn over your pants and is designed to secure you to the rope. Your climbing rope is essentially your lifeline. This long rope is designed to stretch and be used by a belayer to keep a climber from falling too far or becoming injured. Your recreational facility should be able to supply a harness andrope for all climbers.

If you are considering rock climbing, head to Aviator Sports And Events Center. Our New York recreational facility offers both rock climbing classes and open climb opportunities. Our experienced and professional staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 718-758-7500 to learn more about rock climbing options at our center!

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