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Additional Programs Overview

Aviator Sports is excited to expand our programming by partnering with Leif’s Improv & Acting Playhouse and A Blake Tech starting in the fall of 2017 to introduce acting and improv classes and STEM Programming. These new additional programs give even more reason to visit Aviator Sports and Events Center.

Children and Adults who feel the call of the stage and want to see their name in lights can take classes from Leif Riddell of Leif’s Improv & Acting Playhouse. Leif Riddell has appeared in TV shows such as Gotham, Blue Bloods, The Americans and All My Children.

For curious scientific minds, there is in-house STEM programming for field trips and group outings.

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Creator, founder, and director Leif Riddell is a professional working actor, writer, director, and personal life coach with over 20 years in the film, TV, and entertainment industry.

The Playhouse offers a variety of ongoing or seasonal classes in improvisation, acting, on camera training, scene study, audition / cold reading process, vocals, and movement.The Playhouse encourages and allows students to explore and take chances with their acting and performing. While building confidence and self-esteem, Leif and other actors will walk students through all the outstanding techniques that will help enable them to feel more powerful and comfortable.

Classes that will be offered include:

  • Improv. Acting Classes
  • Audition/Cold Reading Classes
  • Adult Improv Therapy Class

Art Classes by Garro Art

Garo Art is the art program that delivers affordable art education with academic value at convenient locations in your community.

Garo Art offers year-round in-depth art programs for children, teens, and adults.

Our students not only learn how to draw and design, they develop creative problem-solving skills while building their confidence.

Garo Art gives individualized attention and believes this is at the heart of the learning process.

Our program is tailored specifically to meet and challenge students’ abilities and needs.

Students at Garo Art learn the building blocks of visual art: drawing, design, sculpting, making movies, but most importantly they learn that it is important to embrace their uniqueness.


Our STEM enrichment program for kids introduces basic Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math experiments to grammar schools for STEM field trips and group outings.

This Children’s STEM program features age-appropriate projects that associate with each of the four letters of STEM.

Each project has been carefully chosen to be engaging to the corresponding age group, at the end of each experiment the group will think critically and discuss with the instructor on why these specific actions happened and relay it to real-world occurrences.

Additional Programs