Aviator Athletics

Personal Training At Aviator Sports

Aviator Athletics will not be available for the fall

Aviator Athletics is designed to increase strength, conditioning, power, speed, and endurance as well as develop athletic ability and positioning.

We welcome the beginner to advanced or elite athlete.

Our highly trained coach Gavin Ingster uses the latest in sports science and injury prevention to create a sports performance program specific to your needs.

This exclusive strength and conditioning program is modified and scaled to meet each individual’s needs with a constant variance of workouts that focus on power, agility, speed, and the whole body strengthening.

By the end of this program, participants will have a large, well-rounded base of fitness that will allow you to achieve your personal goals.

Personal Training Pricing

$99 / per month
$75 for 1st sibling / per month
$50 for 2nd sibling / per month

To learn more about registering for one of our programs, please call Gavin Ingster 718-758-7500