Inspiration and Empowerment Program

Welcome to Leif’s Self Empowerment And Inspiration Center

The Inspiration and Empowerment center is a dedicated school for the learning and teaching “The Art of Possibilities”. The center focuses on personal growth in all areas of life, professional and personal. Working with you to overcome the obstacles that stop you from being your true most powerful self.

Our center is open to all: Individuals, groups, teams, and businesses seeking a more productive, creative, supportive, and successful, self, workplace, and environment.

We work with you offering a “toolbox” to keep you focused on your goals, as team players and a leader.

You will become inspired, confident, productive, and creative.  You will not only have a happier and healthier environment to be around but a place to enjoy and see your full potential realized.

“Improvisation draws on time-honored principles. They must be present in the moment, listening carefully, and contributing freely. These skills turn out to be particularly useful in workplaces that rely on adaptability … Studies have shown that people can improve their communication skills and lower their anxiety with regular practice. Improv’s low-stakes training increases the likelihood that team members will feel comfortable communicating in a variety of work situations.  Forbes Article, “Why Improvisation Empowerment Training is Great Business Training.”

Leif’s Inspiration and Self Empowerment center use some of the most important modules that help companies focus on competencies relevant to business:

Building your team, and collaborating. Presentation skills. Dynamic, and effective communication.  Being responsible, and taking initiative. Thinking quickly on your feet, especially in highly stressed situations or when there is a deadline.

To book an Inspiration and Empowerment session, call 718-758-7520 or email

Why Attend an Improv. Workshop?

Sharpened Leadership SkillsBuild Strong Ensembles / Teams. Inspire, Empower, and Stimulate Your Creativity. Have Fun in the workplace. Improvisation gives you a better understanding of that view of life.

The skills you learn in an Improv. Workshop will be applied to all parts of your life. Many vocations use Improvisation as a means to learn other things.  It helps provide building blocks for business success. It also teaches you to be in the moment. In the moment is where opportunity/possibilities shows up. You learn to contribute to the ideas of others, creating new possibilities. This often leads to amazing results, and empowers the ensemble/team.

In this highly competitive world we live in, you have to be more flexible, cutting edge, and diversified, in order to stay on top.

Why Business Owners and Employees should study Improv? “Entrepreneurs Must Skillfully perform on Two Stages, Not Forfeiting Home for Company”.

Keep your employees connected, and engaged.  Improve, Inspire, and empower their overall wellness in the workplace.

Below are a few of the Corporate Empowering workshops we offer. We can also combine and customize one for your individual or company needs.

Collaborated Brainstorming Improv.

Stimulate and Empower your ability to think outside the norm, and get new creative ideas flowing. Using Improv. Techniques in a fun safe environment, you will discover numerous ways to:

  • Communicate and Debate Successfully
  • Clarify what you need to accomplish or achieve

3) Accept and Build on others’ ideas

4) Change plans or directions with ease

5) See Mistakes as (wonderful accidents)

Speaking / Communicating Improv.

Build and Empower your confidence, when speaking live, or on TV/Camera. Using Improv. Techniques and exercises in a fun, safe environment, you can explore various ways to:

1) Command the Attention and Empower an Audience

2) Relax and Calm nerves

3) Be present in the Moment

4) Empower your spontaneity skills

5) Communicate your message/idea clearly and successfully

6) Find Your Inspiration

Sales Pitching Improv.

Fully understand and own your sales pitch so you can go off script and Improvise when needed. Using Improv. Techniques and exercises in a fun, creative, environment, you can explore numerous ways to:

1) Communicate and execute more successfully.

2) Accepting and building on what’s being offered.

3) Always be closing / and close more deals.

4) Increase listening and observation skills.

5) Change directions with ease.

Ensemble / Team Building Improv.

Empower and inspire a stronger more productive ensemble/team by increasing comradely, and trust. Help alleviate stress. Using Improv. Techniques and exercise in a relaxed, fun and safe environment, you will explore various ways to:

1) Collaborate more productively and effectively.

2) Accept and contribute in others’ ideas.

3) Debate and communicate more successfully

4) Build stronger ensemble / team relationships

5) See mistakes as wonderful accidents, and opportunities