STEM Programs at Aviator Sports

STEM Enrichment

Aviator Sports and Events Center is excited to host A Blake Tech’s Youth STEM Enrichment Program starting in late September.

In addition to hosting the weekly STEM programming class A Blake Tech will partner with Aviator to offer a STEM component to field trips. 

The 8 week program theme for will be robotics. The program’s theme will be explored via Scientific Method to draw conclusions as scientists, Technology will aid in collection of data and investigation, Math will provide the tools to use data and reveal relationships, Engineering allows Young Creators to combine Science, Math and Technology to create complex projects like robots, 3D printed inventions. Program themes include Virtual Reality, 3D printing, App Development and Robotics.

The A Blake Tech STEM Enrichment Program was created when Founder and CEO Anna Blake noticed a lack of STEM programs outside of the school curriculum in Brooklyn and Queens. She has been working in the field of technology since 2005 as a freshman in college. In college she majored in Biology and worked at the Information Technology Helpdesk for all four years. While at the IT Helpdesk she developed an appreciation for technology and how it can help all aspects of life.

To learn more and sign up for the Youth STEM Enrichment Program visit, email: or call: 1-855-700-4995

Program Overview

Week 1: Orientation

Children and Parents meet and greet the Instructors of The Youth STEM Enrichment program along with a Q & A session.

Week 2: Scientific Method

The young Creators will discover cause and effect relationships with “If…, then..” statements to carefully analyze data and ultimately draw logical conclusions.

Week 3: Intro to Coding

The Young Creators will learn the importance of coding and implement concepts such as debugging by programming Thinkbot robots. Note: language taught will be C++, which is used to hack computers as well as other major tasks.

Week 4: Basic Physics and Linear Algebra

The Young Creators will also gain an understanding of x and y coordinates, variables and word problems.

Week 5: Building the Robotic Arm

The Young Creators will team up to assemble 250 pieces into a 360-degree rotating robotic arm capable of lifting and throwing.

Week 6: Training for the Robotic Arm Olympics

The Young Creators will use math, problem-solving skills, and basic physics to practice 3 basic maneuvers to successfully compete in the Robotic Arm Olympics.

Week 7: Robotic Arm Olympics 2018

Teams will showcase the strength and agility of their robotic arms. The teams must demonstrate proficiency in weightlifting, throwing distance and accuracy with the aid of The Operation Game.

Week 8: Laser Tag Party


Week 1: Orientation and Gaming Careers

Children and Parents meet and greet the Instructors of the Youth STEM Enrichment program along with a Q & A session. The Young Creators will also learn about different career paths within the gaming industry.

Week 2: Programming in Python

The Young Creators will learn the importance of coding and implement concepts such as debugging by programming. Note: Python is one of many programming languages, it is used to build website, apps and more importantly it is one of the simplest.

Week 3: Use of Python

The Young Creators will learn complex skills using Python in order to “tell the computer what to do.”

Week 4: Types of Gaming Platforms

The Young Creators will explore 3 gaming platforms including retro, platform environment and shooter platforms. Pictured is an example of a platform game in which the player interacts with the environment.

Week 5: Build a Platform

They will create games in each platform.

Week 6: Select a Platform

The Young Creators will select a platform to build their custom game.

Week 7: Levels

They will create at least 3 levels in their games.

Week 8: Play!

Young Creators will play each others games for a chance to win a prize.