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Join us at Aviator Camp Open House and learn more about the games your children will be able to playThe 5 Most important Things to Know When Selecting an After School Program

We’re officially in Back to School mode! Last week, NYC students waved goodbye to the summer of 2016 and hello to new teachers, classrooms, and friends. For most parents, it’s a welcome reprieve – the kids go back to school and they don’t have to worry about how to keep them busy and safe. For...
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Aviator camps5 Ways Summer Camps Help Children Develop Socially

Summer can be a time of great leisure, relaxation, and fun. If you are a working parent, it can also be a time of incredible stress as you try to figure out how to juggle your child’s schedule with your own. Camp offers a fantastic solution to this problem. However, picking the right camp is...
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