After School Open House

After School Open House Overview

The After School Open House is specifically designed for parents, caretakers, guardians, and anyone interested in giving their children the most productive After School experience. The purpose is to familiarize parents with the program and the councilors who will be mentoring your kids along with answering any questions and concerns.

Our councilors are armed with positive reinforcement, cultivating accountability and the basics of time management. When school work is all caught up, councilors then utilizes Aviator’s facilities to its fullest with team-based exercises and activities alongside other kids in your child’s age group.

Aviator’s After School Open House program is specifically designed for parents looking for their child to develop proactive tendencies. Once the final bell has rung for the day doesn’t mean that your child should be lingering until the bell the very next morning. See if Aviator’s After School program is the right fit for your child, we’re confident you won’t think otherwise.