Free Acting Class with Professional Actor Leif Riddell

Leif Riddell shares his insight in this Free Acting Class

Regardless if you’re honing your public speaking skills, want to conquer your social anxiety, or looking to become the next big star, this free acting class can be your remedy. With over 2 decades worth of working on professional movies and television sets, Leif Riddell and his staff will mentor you and challenge your inhibitions to make you think outside the box with several acting and improv techniques.

Over the course of this free improv/acting workshop, you will be flirting with both traditional acting and improvisational acting. All age groups and skill levels are welcome to participate in this free acting class. This is an opportunity to observe capabilities and potentially triumph over your limitations.

Introducing you to not only to tried and true acting exercises but also some insight into what it takes to nail that big audition. Above all else, the most important thing about this event is relishing in the creativity that acting brings out of you, it is both fun and rewarding. Don’t miss out on this chance to test your chops and network with a diverse selection of people.

RSVP with Leif Riddell at along with questions, comments, and concerns about the upcoming workshop.

Leif Riddell currently has several acting courses at Aviator Sports and in the greater New York area. To learn more about the different type of courses available here at Aviator, check out our Acting and Improv page or

Acting Workshop

FREE ( 6 yrs & up)
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Acting / Improv / On Camera Training Workshop!
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Aviator Sports Center- Saturday October 13th 1030am-12pm


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