The Good Fight Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

The Good Fight Tournament jiu-jitsu tournament comes to Aviator Sports on Saturday December 3rd! There are no points, no advantages, no referee decisions & no time limit finals! The Good Fight offers gi and nogi divisions for kids, teens and adult men and women. Discounted spectator tickets are available online before the events.


  • Kids & Teens Gi & NoGi divisions which are broken up by AGE, SKILL LEVEL & WEIGHT.
  • Female Gi & NoGi divisions are available for adults ages 16 years and older.

Male divisions are as follows:

  • Adult (16-29 years) divisions are available for white, blue & purple belts.
  • Executive (30-39 years) divisions are available white & blue belts.
  • Masters (40+ years) divisions are available for white & blue belts.
  • Executive & Masters (30+ years) division is available for purple belts.
  • A combined age category of 18 yrs. & up is available for brown & black belt in Gi and NoG