Hoops Fest

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NYC’s Love Letter to Basketball

Brooklyn Hoops Fest is the ultimate basketball event, boasting a Skills Challenge, 3-Point Contest, and a Dunk Contest each with their own $1000 prize.

This charity fundraiser celebrates the game and the lifestyle it fostered, all proceeds benefit Play 4 Autism.

General admission and contestants will have access to the Sneaker Exit‘s trade show which will be running simultaneously.

Over 40 brands, vendors, curators, and collector tables will be available to buy, sell, and trade the freshest streetwear and sneakers.

General admission to Hoops Fest includes spectating the competitions, access to our trade-show, and entry into our new video game loft above our arcade.

Contest runner ups will receive four open basketball credits.

VIP Tickets

  • Tickets will be limited to six per person, ONLY 100 tickets available.
  • Early entry into the basketball event for exclusive deals on sneakers, merchandise, and more.
  • Reserved courtside seating to get the best view of the competitions.
  • Access to our private VIP area to meet professional player Taurean Prince in our upstairs bar area.
  • More premium rewards yet to be announced.


  1. Complete the course as quickly as possible within the time frame of a minute and a half (1:30).
  2. The players will start with making a layup, dribble between five obstacles, make a pass into an upright hoop, dribble back full-court, and then make a 3-point shot from the top of the key.
  3. The first round will hold up to (50) participants, the second round only (10) competitors will advance, and the final round decided between two players.
  4. Tiebreakers will be decided with an additional round for the players that tied.


  1. Shooters will have up to 1 minute to make as many as possible of the (25) shots from five positions beyond the arc.
  2. Each made shot will be worth (1) point with the last ball on each rack worth (2) points. The most amount of points possible is (30) points.
  3. The first round will have up to (50) entries, the top (10) will advance to the final round.
  4. Tiebreakers will be decided with an additional round between the shooters who tied within the time frame of 30 seconds if in the first round and a minute in the second round.


  1. Every dunker will have (2) minutes and three attempts to dunk once. They will be judged by our panel of NY basketball representatives including Taurean Prince.
  2. The most points an athlete can get for each round is (50) Points.
  3. If a dunk isn’t completed, the participant will be awarded only (20)points
  4. (10) Ten players will advance to the second round and (2) two for the third round for a head-to-head matchup.
  5. Tiebreakers are to be decided by an additional round between the players that tied to decide who advances.
  6. To qualify for the dunk contest, send a video of you dunking to nyhoopsfest@gmail.com to receive Eventbrite entry code.