Pickleball Tournaments 2018

2018 Pickleball Tournaments overview

Aviator Sports is excited to announce 3 Pickleball Tournaments for summer 2018! You can register for one tournament or you can try your luck at two or three.

Age brackets:
Doubles, ages 18-50
Doubles, ages 50+
*Aviator reserves the right to combine age divisions based on the number of teams registered*

2018 Pickleball Tournament Schedule:

Saturday, August 4th: 2 pm – 9 pm

2018 Pickleball Tournament Pricing:

Register for 1 tournament: $35 per team of 2 players

WINNING TEAM (PER TOURNAMENT) receives a prize OF $200 while second place will receive 10 open pickleball vouchers

Every Registrant is automatically entered to win one free large bucket of balls to be used at the Driving Range at Aviator Golf Center

Combining court dimensions similar to badminton, paddles similar to table tennis, and a light ball similar to wiffleball, Pickleball is a unique experience. Unlike tennis, the ball is served underhand to begin the volley, and a point is scored when a team allows two bounces without a return. Casual games are customarily played to 11, while tournament play ends at a score of 15 or 21. These one-day tournaments are a great opportunity to showcase your athleticism in a low-stakes game with high-stakes rewards.

All it takes to learn is a basic understanding of either tennis or table tennis, and about five minutes to adjust to the basic rules. The size of a court is about one­-third the size of its tennis counterpart. This allows for light aerobic exercise without putting too much stress on cutting motions, which can contribute to joint injury. Just make sure you stretch. The makeup of the ball, which is lightweight and hollow. This prevents the game from speeding up too quickly during the learning process and also helps to limit potential projectile injuries.


For information on sessions please contact Michael at Michaelb@aviatorsports.com or call 718-758-7543