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It Came from Video Game Arcade

our Video Game Arcade features thousands of classic titles

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Straight from our Video Game Arcade, come play Aviator Sports for any of our upcoming Powerplay Nights.

Our newest offering from our Retro Video Game Arcade represents the possibilities for video games at Aviator sports, letting you play thousands of games from consoles of both the past and present.

Parked in our ice skating room will be multiple gaming booths set up with our vast video game arcade library featuring the likes of Mario, Sonic, and Pikachu.

No longer will you be torn between going out with friends or staying in to play video games.

Nights like this give you the chance to show up your friends in a gauntlet of multiplayer titles we have available in-house.

Even for the lone wolves out there, go on your own odyssey with single-player powerhouses like Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy

Aviator Sports has always been a fixture of Brooklyn’s entertainment scene, and the Ice rink has always been a stalwart in earning that recognition. That’s why there’s a package that takes the best of both worlds and where these nights get their name: The Powerplay Bundle!

Our Powerplay Bundle is $25 a ticket and gets you:

  • Admission and Skate Rental to Public Ice Skating
  • A plain slice of pizza and a drink
  • Access to Retro Arcade set up in the ice skating party room

Not a fan of skating but still want to game? Purchase a free play band for only $10

The free play band gives you access to all of the video games we have to offer.

Learn more about Aviator Sports’ new Retro Arcade