Spanish Soccer Academy Coach Training


Spanish Soccer Academy Coach Training will be held by the trainers of Spanish Football Academy, Spain Barcelona affiliated by FC Barcelona

SMARTSOCCER is a methodology based on the brains and its plastic capacity. It is a learning model of brain enrichment in order to make players more intelligent and creative. Current methods to train players are unable to develop the potential of a soccer player. It is necessary to re-imagine and re-think soccer and we have created a new paradigm based on soccer player’s brains.

Course aims:

  • Know reasoning aspects
  • Know and identify what it is and what it is based on, theoretical and practical part.

Course contents:

  • Introduction to the new concept of mental processing
  • Justification of the theoretical framework
  • Methodological guide for a trainer
  • Practical examples of the methodological development.

Course Certification:

The student will receive a diploma certifying that they have passed the course.

For more Information contact 929.888.5247 or EMAIL