Xaverian Homecoming

Xaverian Clippers vs Mt. Saint Michael mountaineers

Clipper mania is going to running wild here at Aviator Sports when two varsity juggernauts duke it out on Aviator field. It’ll be the Xaverian Clippers (1-2) against the Mt. Saint Michael Mountaineers (2-1) to cap off Xaverian’s Spirit week with this big Xaverian homecoming game.

Two completely different offensive approaches will be put to the test against one another. The Clippers are a team, in the spirit of their home Aviator field, to take to the air. Quarterback James Resker has thrown for 364 Yards in this short season, with 3 touchdown passes and 0 picks. Contary, the Mountaineers favor a ground and pound style of play. It’s going to be on the Clippers front line on the defense to slow down the Mountaineer’s star running back, Conrad Perry.

It’s going to be a tight game with plenty on the line not only for Clipper pride but also their standings among their compeititon.