Outdoor Turf Fields

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Outdoor Turf Fields OVERVIEW

Aviators newly renovated full­-length outdoor turf fields are lined for soccer (full and small-sided), football, and lacrosse, but almost any sport can be played on them, including girls lacrosse, rugby, ultimate frisbee, kickball, and more. The outdoor fields can be rented out every day of the week, depending on availability. The outdoor turf fields are perfect of team practices, league games, field trips or regularly scheduled pick up games. Below are the ready to play lines on the fields. Aviator Sports Outdoor Turf Fields are also ideal for team building events, school field days, summer camp field trips and more. Aviator Sports outdoor turf fields are the home of Xaverian High School, NYCD Boldest Football, the New York Sharks and multiple local college and high school teams.

  • Outdoor Turf Field 1 (The field with Xaverian High School logo) features bleacher seating on both sides of the field, lights and a scoreboard.
  • Outdoor Turf Field 2 (The field with the Aviator Sports logo) features lights and a scoreboard.
  • A multi-function booth overlooks both fields serving as a press box, announcer booth, and filming/streaming location.

Aviator Sports has a food truck and snack booth for the fields allowing fans of games to grab snacks and refreshments without have ti leave the field. The fields have space for catering tents, and merchandise booths. The field entrances can be formatted to allow for check-in booths for tournaments or paid/donation entry for games.

Outdoor Turf Field 1 – Xaverian Logo

  • Football
  • Boys Lacrosse
  • Soccer 11 v 11 (75 yds x115 yds)

Outdoor Turf Field 2 – Aviator Logo

  • Football
  • Boys Lacrosse
  • Soccer

Split Field Options

  • One 11 v 11 Field (75 yds x 115 yds)
  • Two 12 & Under Fields (45 yds x 75 yds)
  • One 10 & Under Field (30 yds x 47 yds)