Outdoor Turf Fields

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Aviators newly renovated full­-length outdoor turfs are lined for soccer (full and small-sided), football, and lacrosse, but almost any sport can be played on them, including girls lacrosse, rugby, ultimate frisbee, kickball, and more. The outdoor fields can be rented out every day of the week, depending on availability. Below are the ready to play lines on the fields.

Field 1
·  Football
·  Boys Lacrosse
·  Soccer 11 v 11 (75 yds x115 yds)
Field 2
·  Football
·  Boys Lacrosse
·  Soccer

One 11 v 11 Field (75 yds x 115 yds)
Two 12 & Under Fields (45 yds x 75 yds)
One 10 & Under Field (30 yds x 47 yds)