Field Trips & Group Outings


For 10 years, Aviator has been a top venue for school field trips, summer camps, and other recreational group outings. We offer everything you need for your next outing, all conveniently under one roof, including meeting and event space, team building, group activities, experienced staffing, and extraordinary food with a range of healthy options.

With a 175,000 square foot facility and a wide array of sports and activities to choose from, it’s easy to see why hundreds of schools every year take advantage of Aviator Sports when booking field trips. Aviator is a sole vendor of New York City Public Schools making it easy for any NYC school to book a trip.

Let our experienced event coordinators and instructors plan a Summer Camp/Field Trip outing specifically designed for your groups needs and wants. Our facility has two regulation NHL ice rinks, 20,000 square foot Field House, full Gymnastics Center, Rock Wall and two Outdoor Fields. No matter how large or small your camp or class is, Aviator can accommodate your field trips in our fun and safe environment.  Just choose the activities you would like your group to participate in, and Aviators dedicated staff will take care of the rest!

Field Trips and Group Outings Activities:

Aviator Sports & Events Center has a new program High Flyers Special Needs Program which offers several adaptive activities to give your students an unforgettable experience.

STEM Programming

Aviator Sports and Events Center will hold 50-minute STEM-related activities as part of our Field Trips Tuesday through Thursday from 12pm-1pm.

The STEM component of the field trip is taught by A Blake Tech. The A Blake Tech STEM Enrichment Program was created when Founder and CEO Anna Blake noticed a lack of STEM programs outside of the school curriculum in Brooklyn and Queens. She has been working in the field of technology since 2005 as a freshman in college. In college, she majored in Biology and worked at the Information Technology Helpdesk for all four years. While at the IT Helpdesk, she developed an appreciation for technology and how it can help all aspects of life.

The cost will include all necessary equipment, materials, and staff. Please use the drop-down to learn about the five different STEM field trip activities schools can choose from.

All Grades; Science, Math, Engineering

Young Creators will learn the history of the Aviator Sports and Events Center along with basic aerodynamics. 

Grades 2+; Science, Math, Engineering

Young Creators will be broken into small groups and given two random objects. The groups must list words that relate to both objects. After a timed brainstorming session each group will be given additional materials per word to build a bridge. Young Creators will learn the basic Math and Engineering principles required for building bridges. Then it will be the moment of truth, the groups will engineer their own bridges and test out their creations with options like adding weight and lights.

All Grades: Science, Math, Engineering

A few volunteers will jog in place with a headband on while the Young Creators learn about water filtration. The Young Creators will be given materials to build their own water filtration system and test it out by pouring the sweat from the volunteers headbands along with cups of dirty water. Through the science of filtration the water will enter dirty and exit clean. Added bonus they can drink their own sweat of course!

Grades 4+; Science, Math, Engineering

Young Creators will get the opportunity to make their own ice-cream after learning the scientific principles of freezing points and boiling points. More specifically they will learn how salt reacts with water to create the delicious treat of ice cream! The Young Creators can chose to make chocolate or vanilla ice cream. There is also an option to make a cream based ice cream. Note: Additional $25 for this program.

Grades 2+: Technology, Science

Young Creators will have the ability to put technology into their own hands by creating their own sport! They will learn the basics of coding and critical thinking necessary to program computers. The Young Creators will proceed to create their own teams and play with each other. It is a great way to foster an appreciation for technology instead of just consuming it.



Aviator Sports is a unique location for graduations.  Choose from an indoor setting for up to 2,500 people or our outdoor tented area seats 750 people.  Each option includes a stage, chairs and a room for the graduates.  Catering options are available upon request.

Senior Trips

Our Senior Trips include breakfast, lunch, 3 activities, ie, Rock wall, Team Building, Backyard games and ice skating and a disco party which includes a DJ and an ice cream bar.  A minimum of 50 students is required for this 6 hour day trip.

 Field Days

A customizable 3 hour day trip includes your choice of 3 activities, ie, basketball, kickball, gymnastics and lunch.  A minimum of 10 students is required.