Field Trips & Group Outings



10 – 50 Participants

Groups are broken up into teams of two or more, this incentivizes communication for teams to gain the upper hand in a gauntlet of competitive games and exercises.

Participants with limitations are given the option to sit out the more physically demanding games and quickly be placed back into their team for the next activity.

Relay Races
Tug of War
Silent Birth Order
Human Knot
Steal the Bacon

Not all of the following are guaranteed as activities vary depending on the size of group and time frame


10-50 Participants

Unique to Aviator Sports is our large indoor gymnastics facility with The group will be broken off into sections with a dedicated instructor taking them throughout the room with a changing rotation of games and activities utilizing the gymnastics equipment present.

Instructors will be putting to use our tumbltrak, trampoline, balance beams, vault, rope swing, and our foam pit where everyone gets a chance to safely showcase their acrobatic capabilities.

One of the games that our instructors play is Fire, Water, and Ice; a variation of Simon Sayz where the players will have to either stop, drop, roll, freeze, or park themselves on our foam furniture in order to stay in the game.

You can get a full tour of our gymnastics department here

Ice Skating

Participants 10 – 300*

Please ask our sales team if a group is larger than 300

Our two NHL-Sized ice rinks can hold more people than any of the other activities offered at Aviator Sports. We have both a public and a private rink available for groups, depending on preferenc

Click here for our Public Skating Ice Skating times.

Ice Bumper Cars

Unlike traditional bumper cars, ice bumper cars use the ice’s slippery surface to bump and slide.

Ice bumper cars have their own section on the us to ensure safety, taking place on a quarter of one of our NHL regulation-sized rinks.

Group Instruction

Accomodate students who will be skating for inexperienced skaters with our group instruction with our ice coach Chumi Reisman.

For more information please ask when booking your field trip or contact

Soccer Instruction

10-20 Participants

The curriculum of this 60-minute clinic will take the players through the technical aspects of Soccer; Straight dribbling, zig-zag dribbling, speed dribbling, and different moves with our professional soccer coaches.

This clinic includes a 15 minute warm-up, 15 minute drill or game, and 30 minute small sided scrimmage 3v3 or 4v4.

All these topics will be enforced in a fun, game related setting to let the players be in charge and to let them decide what to do with the ball.


10-40 Participants

In a fun, safe and creative environment students are introduced to Leif’s proven approach of using improvisational games and exercises to help empower students in all areas of their life.

Leif’s Improv. classes show you how to adjust and take action in high-pressure situations while improving your public speaking, leadership, and listening skills.

These social skills help you to build confidence, courage, and self-esteem while improving their everyday social interactions with people.

As kids go through school (life), each year they are faced with more challenging fears, dynamics, and situations.

Those challenges will differ depending on their age and our Improv. Empowerment classes are customized for each one of those groups.

Each class allows them to experience and share about those situations, empowering and awakening their true self.

This will help prepare them with the necessary social skills needed for what life will present.

K to 2nd Grade
These exercises help students with group play, working together with others, listening and awareness skills. Allowing them to see and experience themselves and others in a different scenarios.

3rd to 5th Grade
Improv exercises help empower students with overcoming their fears of public speaking, improving their listening, supporting, creative, and leadership skills.

6-8th Grade
Educational, fun, improv. games that help empower students with overcoming their fears and anxieties of everyday life’s challenges. The importance of “Yes, and” and of taking responsibility for your actions. How to train your brain to trust your gut, and jump on the opportunity. Social skills they will need moving forward for High School, College, and life.

For an overview on Leif Riddell and his programming, visit Acting and Improv


Participants 10-30

We’ll be taking the class experiments out of the classroom with our STEM Enrinchment Center.

Our STEM programming is tailored to specific age groups with multiple experiments available for that dedicated grade range.

We have a dedicated STEM page that goes in-depth with what to expect and what each experiment entails.

Rock Climbing

10 – 50 Participants

Everyone gets to try their hands at the 35-foot tall Aviator Rock with four different paths with varying difficulties.

Each climber will be harnessed to a pulley with staff member belaying from the other end to ensure a safe climb, lowering them when they lose their grip or able to slap the top of the wall.

Depending on the size of the group, each member will be able to climb at least once.


10-25 Participants

Reach for the sky! One sole jumper will be harnessed to bungee cords and slightly raised.

The jumper will be able to catch serious air time, giving them the ability to both front and back flip while suspended only to safely land on our large inflatable trampoline breaking the fall.

Each participant will be able to go once during their session and will jump for a fixed amount of time.

Field House Rentals

10 – 200 Participants

Our indoor field house houses two basketball courts and two synthetic turfs each able to fit 50 people per court or turf surface

Everyone will be able to organize basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, kickball, and dodgeball games with the equipment provided by us.


Learn by calling us 718-758-7520 or Email

What everyone looked forward to while they were in school was those breaks in between the bells where everyone was able to let loose and interact with one another, teachers and students alike. Cooperation and interactivity are the foundation we use to create something unique you won’t find from any other NYC Field Trips.

Our activities are designed so that students and school staff can participate at their own discretion but also guarantee that your classes will be engaged socially along with being challenged mentally and physically.

Each activity ranges from 45 minutes to an hour, but we have a knack for being flexible with our schedules depending on the group size.

With a 175,000 square foot facility and a wide array of sports and activities to choose from, it’s easy to see why hundreds of schools every year take advantage of Aviator Sports when booking.

Aviator is a sole vendor of New York City Public Schools making it easy for any NYC school to book a trip.

For ten years, Aviator has been a top venue for NYC field trips, summer camps, and other recreational group outings.

We offer everything you need for your next outing, all conveniently under one roof, including meeting and event space, team building, group activities, experienced staffing, and extraordinary food with a range of healthy options.

Let our experienced event coordinators and instructors plan summer camp trips or a school field trip specifically designed for your groups’ needs.

Our facility has two regulation NHL ice rinks, 20,000 square foot Field House, full Gymnastics Center, Rock Wall, and two Outdoor Fields.

No matter how large or small your camp or class is, Aviator can accommodate you in our fun and safe environment.

Choose the activities you would like your group to participate in, and Aviator’s dedicated staff will take care of the rest!

Aviator Sports & Events Center has a new program High Flyers Special Needs Program which offers several adaptive activities to give your students an unforgettable experience.

Our Field Trips are proudly listed on the listings page for one of the best destinations in NYC for your next field trip.

For Field Trip information regarding Green Meadows Farm, please contact 718-470-0278

Aviator Sports is a unique location for Graduations.

Choose from an indoor setting for up to 2,500 people or our outdoor tented area seats 750 people.

Each option includes a stage, chairs and a room for the graduates.  Catering options are available upon request. Get a general overview of our facility by checking our Event Spaces.

Our Senior Trips include breakfast, lunch, three activities, a DJ, and an ice cream bar.  A minimum of 50 students is required for this 6 hour day trip.

Food Voucher Program

Aviator Sports has a food hall on-site refuel after a fun day of athletic endeavors with discounted food vouchers to redeem at Aviator Eats. For $6 per person get an entree (a slice of cheese pizza is our personal favorite), a bag of chips, and a fountain drink.

Additional field trip food add-ons such can be included for the group as well.