High Flyers Special Needs Program

Aviator Sports and Events Center has a new program that offers adaptable sporting activities for high-functioning special needs students which include: Team Building, Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, and more! Each group activity was refined to create a safe and fun environment for all ages and disabilities whether physical or developmental. Our incorporated Sensory Activities provide visual and physical stimulants, as well as being therapeutic.

Let our dedicated and experienced staff members plan your next visit, specifically designed with your groups needs and wants in mind. No matter how large or small your group or class is, Aviator can accommodate in our fun and safe environment.

For more information contact the groups department groups@aviatorsports.com or by phone at 718-758-7520.


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Aviators Gymnastics Program allows students to bounce on our tumble track, swing on our swinging rope, and jump into our foam pit! We provide extra staff that way your students get all the attention they need. Gymnastics activities include obstacle courses, balancing challenges, parachute games, and more!


Our Team Building Program was created for students with Special Needs in mind. This program incorporates different games and activities where everyone works together to accomplish a set goal. Some of these activities include Relay Races, Duck Duck Goose, and Steal the Bacon. Our staff will work with your students to help provide attention and focus, make sure everyone is doing awesome teamwork, but most importantly, having fun!

Our mobile sensory cart is designed to stimulate your students’ senses. It contains many different toys and objects, all with different textures and purposes. Your child can explore the different objects in the cart while stimulating their different senses. This option can be used either as a stand-alone activity, or for students who don’t want to participate in other activities that were scheduled. It contains rings, bubblers, balls with different textures, sand, putty, and more.

With our special needs soccer program, your students can stay active on our turf fields and enjoy some team-oriented soccer activities. Some of these activities include Kicking and Juggling exercises, Turf War, and Obstacle Courses. These games are simple, but also fun, and will keep everyone involved. We provide additional staff members and work more with the students to improve their skills and focus.