Gymnastics for Toddlers


Due to COVID-19 Gymnastics for Toddlers is not currently available

Gymnastics for toddlers is beneficial in improving their strength for your little tot, giving parents an opportunity to develop early memories with their baby.

The Mom or Dad and Me program is designed for parents and their toddlers to learn fundamental gymnastics skills in a fun, safe, and interactive environment.

Our trained instructors help the child learn basic gymnastics skills and agility while gaining confidence, which fosters an early love for physical activity.

Throughout the class, the child will strengthen their skills in balance and coordination.

Another benefit for your child will be increased physical development and a positive impact on the child’s confidence and mood.

This is a perfect introductory course with all of our equipment padded for safety in a supervised environment.

Our gymnastics room is open with plenty of vibrant colors that’ll keep your baby’s full attention.

This course is also designed to bolster the bond between the parent and their child which is why we ask a parent or caregiver to participate.

Saves you the trouble of having your own 10-foot foam pit installation in your home.

About Toddler Gymnastics Classes & Sport for Toddlers

Think your child might be a little too old for this particular program? Check out Preschool Transition Classes or talk to one of our professional coaches by emailing or call 718-758-7575.