Power Basketball Camps

Aviator Sports and Event Center’s Power Basketball Camps are designed to build the confidence and all-around skill of players ages 5-14.

Aviator Sports Power Basketball Camps are one-day programs. Our Power Basketball camps are a fun way to spend a Saturday. At these camps, basketball players enhance their basketball skill set and learn new techniques and strategies. Whether an athlete needs to work on group skills or requires more individualized attention for their training, basketball camps are able to improve their game and build them as a basketball player.

Learning a new skill is honed in a fun environment. By attending power basketball camps, athletes will learn new skills and techniques in a fun environment. Our Power Basketball camps are learning and fun combined! Basketball camps keep training interesting and engaging and allow the player to enjoy themselves while also pushing themselves to be a more disciplined and build their skill set.

During power basketball camps the focus will be on every aspect of the game and on the overall training of the player. The goal of this is to create well-rounded players. During the camps, players will work on speed with and without the ball, 1-on-1 moves, using the jump shot as a weapon, agility, footwork and all-around conditioning. Great basketball players will be versatile in all parts of the game if basketball. Players will have skills that they can utilize during each game in order to help them contribute to the team in all facets of the game. The practice of all skills allows a player to be knowledgeable in the overall game of basketball and have them at their disposal contributing to success and development.

Learn new techniques designed by our coaches to help take children’s game to the next level. For more information contact Julian Caldwell at Julian@aviatorsports.com or call 718-758-7584

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Cost: Aviator members: $40 Non-members: $50