Mite Minor

Mite Major

Spring/Summer – 10 on ice training sessions, Including Mite Mania Hockey School

Fall/Winter – 26 Week Season, September through March. Full Game Schedule, three practices most weeks (third practice is a skill session with Petr Sviridovich as well as staff, attend 4-5 Cross Ice Tournaments.

Teams: Will compete in the Long Island Amateur Hockey League (LIAHL) and the Hudson Valley Hockey League (HVHL) and will be taught Full Ice concepts in preparation for Squirt Hockey here at Aviator Sports.

Open to Specific Birth Years; *2009 *2010 *2011 *2012 *2013

This Program is an intensive Spring / Fall-Winter Program that will focus on groups of (6) to (8) Players, at each specific Birth Year.

The objective is to create an environment that fosters better development for our 4 to 8 year-olds during a critical period of their maturation. Our program will utilize USA Hockey’s ADM (American Developmental Model) which is a scientifically based initiative that focuses on long-term athlete development. Research has also shown that by focusing on developing hockey skills, kids develop confidence, creativity and have more fun playing hockey! In a cross-ice and station-based environment, a player’s activity level skyrockets which results in better skills development and love of the game. Drills are designed to focus on multiple skills and situations, increasing time with the puck and situational repetition. It’s been proven that kids who begin their hockey training in this environment develop a better and enjoy the game more.

For our Mature 2009 and 2010 Birth Years we will begin to introduce full ice concepts in preparation for Squirt Hockey. The reality is that if you do not teach this in conjunction with the ADM Model your program will be behind going into the next season.

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