Best Summer Sports Camps Near Brooklyn NY

Soccer for ages 1 and upIf your child’s latest passion is team sports or gymnastics, you may be looking for the best summer sports camp near Brooklyn, NY. The best summer sports camps offer kids a chance to develop their skills in their favorite competitive sport.

For kids and young teens (15 and under) with an eye toward a sports scholarship for college or an athletic career, you’ll find one of the top-rated summer camps for coaching conveniently nearby.

Summer Basketball Camps, Brooklyn, NY

Basketball has become one of America’s most popular sports, and it’s the perfect team sport for kids and teens. That’s because inventor James Naismith developed basketball as an alternative to more injury-prone sports.

Basketball can be played indoors or outdoors, all year round, using very little space and minimal equipment. So, for many parents, it seems like the perfect athletic activity for children.

Aviator’s Swarm Basketball Camp features six weeks of comprehensive skill-building with experienced coaches. From shooting to dribbling to defensive skills, your young player is sure to elevate their game this summer.

Best Summer Soccer Camps, Brooklyn, NY

Many children discover a passion for soccer at a young age. The FC Copa soccer camp is designed to help them hone skills over the summer break.

Whether your child is new to the game or has been playing competitively for years, Aviator’s Summer Sprots camps for soccer offer plenty of options for kids between 5 and 13.

Sign up for full-day or half-day sessions, depending on your child’s age. The junior camp offers instruction in rudimentary skills in the game for kids 5 to 7.

For kids from 8-13, the FC COPA camp is a half or full day of coaching. The Keepers and Strikers camp offers intensive training in goalkeeping and shooting.

Best Gymnastics Camps, Brooklyn, NYC

Aviator offers one of the best athletic summer camps options for girls with its gymnastics program. Gymnastics offers kids a chance to develop physical stamina, dexterity, control, and self-discipline in a creative and fun way.

Mommy Poppins guide for parents ranked the Aviator program as one of the top gymnastics classes in NYC.

Ninja Warrior / Parkour Program (Gymnastics Camp)

The Ninja Warrior program is part of the Aviator Gymnastics program, and provides kids the chance to improve their strength, speed, and agility with a fun obstacle course that truly challenges them.

As an extension of Aviator’s Parkour program, the Ninja Warrior sports camps give kids the skills they need for a wide variety of sports. The emphasis is on efficient movement, speed, and dexterity.

Best of all, the Gymnastics and Ninja Warrior programs are open to those from 3 to 16, giving kids of all ages a chance to learn from our professional coaches.

Best Ice Hockey Camps in Brooklyn, NY

Just because the summer heat is on, doesn’t mean your kids can’t stay cool on the ice while they learn to perfect their favorite sport. Aviator’s professional ice hockey coaching team offers on-ice and off-ice instruction that will give them that competitive edge.

And with two NHL-sized ice rinks on-site, your child will have plenty of room to improve their skating speed and agility. Aviator offers both on-ice and off-ice instruction, with off-ice activities for improved strength, speed, and agility.

Best Summer Sports Camps for Figure Skating in Brooklyn

ice skating summer camp near brooklyn new yorkFigure skating can be artistic, athletic, creative, and challenging for many. It’s no wonder that so many athletically minded girls fall in love with the sport.

If your child is ready to refine their skate skills, Aviator’s figure skating summer camp offers a comprehensive 7-week program. With professional instruction both on and off the ice, serious figure skaters look to Aviator for the coaching they need to reach the next level.

Choosing The Best Summer Sports Camps for Your Child

Before deciding on a sports camp for your kid, make sure you give them a chance to give you honest and open feedback. Their feelings on the subject may surprise you.

Get feedback from their regular coach. They may offer some insight into areas where your child needs to improve that will help you choose the right program.

For example, hockey players often get coaching in figure skating techniques to improve their agility on the ice. Soccer players may benefit from the Ninja Warrior program to build speed and movement efficiency.

Any summer program will also have to fit your needs as a parent too. Consider location, transportation, and cost when looking for the right sports camp for summer.

Aviator Sports Summer camp is conveniently located in Floyd Bennett Field and accessible by MTA Transit subway lines, and buses.

To read more about the sports programs offered by Aviator, click the links below:



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