Frequently Asked Questions About Summer Camp

OFFICE HOURS:Monday – Friday: 10am–6pm (Seasonal)

Where do the buses pick up and drop off from?

Aviator Sports aims to provide bus service throughout Brooklyn and Rockaway Queens. Bus routes can vary and for the most accurate info on routes please contact us directly at or 718-758-7510 to learn more.

What is the earliest/oldest age I can enroll my child in a summer camp

The earliest age that we accept campers is 4 years old. Oldest is 15 years old.

For how long does the camp run?

2024 SCHEDULE: July 1, 2024-August 23, 2024.

Is there an early drop-off or pick up available?

Early drop-off for children starts at 8:00 a.m. and late pick-up goes until 6:00 p.m.

Standard camp hours at 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


What kinds of discounts are available for summer camp?

We have an early bird discount, a sibling discount, and a returners discount. Information is below. In addition, we offered a tiered pricing system on enrollment so the more weeks campers are registered for the more they save, for 2024 1 week of camp is $675, when enrolling in 8 weeks of camp the price comes out to $512.50 per week.



  • $200 off if you register for the full 8 weeks before March 1st, 2024.
  • $100 off if you register for any 4-7 weeks before March 1st, 2024.

RETURNERS DISCOUNT/ SUPER RETURNER DISCOUNT (applicable to anybody submitting a new application who registered for camp in 2023)

  • $100 off registration for full 8 week program before Feb 1, 2024
  • $50 off registration for 4-7 weeks program before Feb 1, 2024


  • $100 off second child if you register full summer enrollment (8 weeks).
  • $50 off second child if you register for any 4-7 weeks of summer
How many children and counselors are there per group?

We have a standard ratio of 1 counselor to every 12 children per group. This follows the New York City Camp Guidelines for Day Camps.

Is lunch served every day and do I need to send food with my child?

Yes, we do provide lunch and an afternoon snack every day for the child. But you are more than welcome to provide lunch for your child from home. Aviator Sports is a nut-free camp.

My child does not want to go on today’s trip. Can they stay in the building with another group from another division?

Campers will be permitted to stay at Aviator Sports and a limited number of counselors will stay behind with campers.

To accurately account for lunches delivered to Aviator Sports and at the field trip we ask that you promptly respond to trip notifications as soon as possible.

When do medical forms have to be handed in?

Medical forms have to be handed in before camp starts. Please make sure they are up to date.

What kind of field trips do the campers go on?

We go on field trips to various different places. Aquariums, amusement parks, museums and other various places within the tristate area.

Do all the age ranges mingle with each other?

Day to day activities there will be possible interaction with each other. But typically all grades stay within their age ranges

What do I do if my child(ren) has allergies?

Make sure it is indicated on the medical forms of what allergies your child(ren) has. If your child(ren) has an epi-pen or any other medication please bring it to our nurse on the first day of camp or make sure your child(ren) has it on them to give to our nurse. The camp nurse will review medical forms and contact families directly regarding any supplemental information, equipment.

For additional questions, please contact the Youth Department at 718-758-7510 or