Aviator is the Best Place for Basketball lessons, Leagues, and Clinics in Brooklyn

Aviator Sports and Events Center has basketball programs to meet everyone’s needs.

For kids looking to learn the game, Aviator Sports offer Youth Development Basketball Program.

Our 20,000 square-foot field house is home to two regulation, suspended maple hardwood courts programmed for a variety of leagues, camps, and clinics


The Swarm Club Basketball program was founded upon the principle of teaching young athletes the fundamentals of the game while helping them grow into successful players and people. We create learning environments around the country that are conducive to learning and developing young players. From the CEO down through the organization’s coaches, staff, and players, we strive to improve every day through an unwavering commitment to hard work. We believe that our constant pursuit of expanding our education, confidence, skills, and personalities makes us the best program in the country.

Our program aims to teach players basketball through lessons grounded in fundamental skills. In addition to teaching these foundations, we guide our players to reach their highest potential as individual players as well as teammates. Players will understand terms such as respect, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and commitment. In the end, it’s our hope that each player will get maximum growth as a player and a person; and additionally, grow to love this great game of basketball.

Developed by former college coaches, our Swarm System has been designed to maximize the potential of our athletes while creating consistency throughout our program. Each coach emphasizes the importance of fundamental work while exposing their players to high-level skills and drills when appropriate. We believe that mastering the fundamentals is paramount and is the foundation of any great basketball player. At the Swarm, we have a unique method of incorporating skill sessions with the team, strategy, and conceptual instruction. We approach skill work with focus and enthusiasm, stressing to our players that development takes time and commitment. The vast majority of our coaches have extensive playing and coaching experience, some at professional and collegiate levels. We attribute our unparalleled player retention rates to our system and our drive to provide the best basketball experience for our players and families.