Boys Gymnastics Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced | Gymnastics for Boys

Schedule & Info

Spring 2024

Ages: 6 – 14 years old

Price: $474 + $35 Annual Aviator Membership

Duration: 12 weeks, 1.5 hours

Schedule: Sat. Mar. 23 – June 22 (No class 3/30, 4/27)

Time: Saturday – 12:00 p.m.


Gymnastics for Boys

Improving aerobics, breathing, and flexibility, boys’ gymnastics classes are perfect for children looking to improve their conditioning.

Our experienced instructors help each gymnast, whether new or previously experienced, feel comfortable and confident on the equipment.

Boys are taught skills on the vault, high bar, parallel bar, rings, and pommel horse as well as floor exercises.

Our trampolines and foam pits are used to develop their cores and soften their falls, which boosts their confidence in their abilities.

This class is designated to strengthen students to help them excel in all aspects of gymnastics along with carrying these skills into all other sports.

At Aviator Sports and Events Center, beginner, intermediate, and advanced sections are available to cater to the various experience and skill levels.

Each child who comes into this program will be tested on during their first class and placed in one of beginner, intermediate, or advanced level gymnastics instruction.

As the class progresses, each child has the opportunity to move up in skill level as they improve upon their technique.

Aviator’s experienced and passionate instructors help each prospective gymnast, whether new or previously experienced, feel comfortable and confident on the equipment.

Students are also taught the fundamentals and skills needed to work on the floor.

Each level is progressive. At each level, each boy in gymnastics will grow and learn from each other.

Boys are welcome to take what they have learned and apply it to our drop-ins and our ninja warrior/parkour classes.

Boys Gymnastics Contact

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