Choosing the Best Gymnastics Program for Your Kid(s)

Many children dream of becoming world-class gymnasts. It’s like dancing on air, and those gravity-defying flips look so easy when you’re 7 years old. If you’ve been searching for the best gymnastics program for kids, you may not be sure where to start.Summer Camp Gymnastics Activities

The Keyword is “Your Kid”

Finding the best gymnastics program for your kid will ultimately start with your kid. They may be serious about a gymnastics career, or they may just think that it looks like a lot of fun.

You should also rely on your own parental insight — competitive gymnastics is a lot of work for a child that isn’t motivated.

Your child’s age has a big impact on how much commitment they can offer. It can also impact how much you can commit to helping them meet their goals.

It shouldn’t, however, impact how much commitment your gym and its coaches provide.

The Basics of the Best Gymnastics Program for Kids

Whether your child is going for the gold or simply wants to try a new activity, choosing the best in Brooklyn area youth gymnastics should start with a few key factors.

USA Gymnastics membership

USA Gymnastics gyms must follow the organization’s strict rules. Staff members and coaches are carefully screened, and gyms are fully insured.

USA Gymnastics also has an extensive ethics code that ensures your child’s health, welfare, and personal dignity, as well as protects their right to competent coaching.

Coaches and staff

Meet with the coaches and gym staff before signing your child up for lessons. It’s critical that your child responds well to their teaching style. A good coach should be able to work well with parents too.preschool gymnastics classes

Make sure that the coaches:

  • Communicate clearly
  • Make gymnastics fun
  • Offer positive feedback
  • Demonstrate patience

Decide what your priorities are upfront. For example, for small children, coaches with enthusiasm and patience may be better than one with a champion-building agenda.

Facility and equipment

Younger children only need floor mats for tumbling, but they should be clean and in good condition. The facility should be well-cared-for and safe. The state of the facility is a sure sign of how much the staff cares.

You may see balance beams, uneven bars, trampolines, and vault tables.

Class composition

The best gymnastics programs for kids will sort your child into the right class. While most classes are divided into age groups, experience and skill are also important factors.

Make sure they can place your child with kids of the same age and skill level.

The Practical Considerations

We hate to think we have limitations when it comes to giving our children everything they want. The truth is that we also have to be practical.

Consider the following when looking for a gymnastics program.

The cost

Consider the cost of classes, along with the cost of equipment and clothing. Depending on your child’s age and seriousness, the costs vary. Recreational classes are usually quite affordable. If your kid decides to become competitive, you may incur additional costs.

Parent resources

In most cases, parents of younger students will wait on the premises during the class. Many facilities provide a place to sit and watch the kids during lessons.

Busy parents may want to drop off older children to run errands. Before choosing a gymnastics program, make sure this is an acceptable arrangement for everyone involved – including your child.


Make sure the scheduled classes don’t conflict with other obligations. They shouldn’t interfere with your child’s homework or with important family time.kindergarten gymnastics classes

Competition path

Finally, if your child is or becomes serious about becoming competitive, does the program offer more advanced coaching? The best gymnastics program for kids will offer opportunities for growth.

The Best Gymnastics Program for Kids in Brooklyn

It doesn’t matter if you’re raising a world-class athlete or want your child to learn the joys of physical fitness. Finding the best gymnastics program for kids is likely to start with what’s best for your kid in particular.

Aviator Gymnastics offers a state-of-the-art facility and was featured on the Mommy Poppins site as one of the top gymnastic programs for kids in NYC. Classes are offered for preschool age up to 17, with groups for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level gymnastics.

With classes for girls and boys, mixed classes for trampoline and tumbling, as well as Ninja Warrior and Parkour classes, your child is sure to find the best gymnastics program for them.

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