Kids Basketball in Brooklyn NY: Why Kids and Parents Love Aviator Sports

Kids love to play basketball because it’s an exciting and fast-paced game that offers an opportunity to show off their dribbling and shooting skills. Parents love it too, since basketball is one of the most accessible, flexible, and affordable sports options for kids. If you’re looking for kids’ basketball in Brooklyn, NY, Aviator Sports is your go-to for its broad range of programs for all ages.

Why Parents Love Aviator Sports for Kids’ Basketball in Brooklyn, NY

Many Brooklyn parents understand the benefits of an organized sports program for children. Basketball is popular with parents because the equipment is simple and affordable, and kids can play both indoors and outdoors.

Aviator Sports provides structured basketball programs for kids aged 5 to 15. There are also plenty of other fun activities and camps to enroll in.

Youth Development Basketball

The Youth Development Basketball Program teaches kids from the age of 5 to 15. Along with learning how to play, the program instills self-discipline and self-confidence while focusing on teaching teamwork.

Brooklyn kids looking for basketball programs will find Aviator’s dedicated coach will help them develop into the best all-around player they can become.

Brooklyn Swarm AAU

The Brooklyn Swarm program teaches fundamentals and focuses on mastery of these skills. Designed by college basketball coaches, the program is committed to helping boys and girls who wish to play at that level reach their goals. Swarm has helped young players enter NCAA Div. I, II, and III levels at several colleges and universities in the U.S.

Year-round programs

As well as the coming winter season starting December 3rd and running to February 18, 2023, Brooklyn Swarm Basketball Summer Camp helps kids take their game to the next level by focusing on advanced game skills.

Kids’ Basketball FAQs

If you still have questions about kids’ basketball programs, we have answers.

At what age should children start basketball?

Kids can start playing basketball as young as 5 years of age, although rule-based play may not start until the age of 7 or 8.

Young children can learn basic sports skills such as cooperating with others as a team. And don’t worry, they use shorter hoop rims for young kids.

When does youth basketball season start?

Most kids’ basketball leagues play during the winter. Some begin practices in late fall, but others may not begin training until December.

Aviator Sports basketball program for kids in Brooklyn begins in December and runs through February for Youth Development Basketball.

Brooklyn Swarm Basketball runs through the fall and winter. Tryouts for the fall session are held in August, and the weekly winter training sessions run from November 30th to January 21st.

For Brooklyn teens who want to hone their basketball skills for the season, Brooklyn Swarm offers the High School Boot Camp in November.

How high is a youth basketball hoop?

Aviator offers kids basketball for kids as young as 5. However, if you’re worried your child will find it too frustrating to play, there’s good news.

The NBA offers guidelines for age-appropriate rules and standards for youth basketball in cooperation with USA Basketball.

Rules for kids are grouped by age, in two or three year increments, until the age of 13. Kids that are aged 7 and 8, for example, have a rim height of 8 feet, while kids ages 9 to 11 have a rim height of 10 feet.

These are just two examples of how kids’ basketball is becoming more standardized.

And while USA Basketball doesn’t have rules in place for kids under 7, the American Sport Education Program (ASEP) recommends a rim height of 6 feet for kids in kindergarten, first, and second grades.

How long is a youth basketball game?

USA Basketball and the NBA also have guidelines for game length for kids in different age groups. For kids in age groups 7 to 8, 9 to 11, and 12 to 14, they recommend a game length of four 8-minute periods. For teens in ninth through twelfth grades, they recommend a game structure of four 10-minute periods.

Register Now for Kids’ Basketball in Brooklyn, NY

Now’s the time to register for the winter basketball season for kids. Aviator’s Youth Development Basketball starts on December 3rd, so there’s no time to lose.

Brooklyn kids in grades 3 to 12 who want to participate in the Swarm winter training sessions can sign up now.

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