Parkour or Ninja Warrior Training for Kids in Brooklyn? We Have You Covered

Every kid needs to have some active time. In fact, the CDC recommends that they get 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day. Finding new and interesting ways to get that exercise can become a challenge. Not every kid likes team sports. But what about something completely different? Did you know you can find Parkour or Ninja Warrior training for kids in Brooklyn?

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What is Parkour?

Parkour is an exciting new sport that is non-competitive but involves learning how to move the body to navigate difficult terrain. It involves running, jumping, climbing, and even crawling.

Since it’s not a competitive or team sport, the main goal is to improve physical fitness by competing with yourself. It instills self-confidence by challenging you to beat your own best on a regular basis.

Is parkour good for kids?

Parkour is the perfect sport for kids because it doesn’t just teach physical skills. It also engages the mind by providing obstacles that need problem-solving skills to conquer. Children will develop critical thinking skills by facing challenges that may have several different solutions.

It also improves coordination and both fine and gross motor skills. It focuses on self-awareness as well as awareness of the environment and setting.

It’s also a flat-out blast. There are a number of exciting and easy-to-learn Parkour games that kids can try to become more familiar and confident with the sport.

What is Ninja Warrior?

Ninja Warrior is a sport that’s based on a popular American TV reality show called “American Ninja Warrior.” This show was derived from the Japanese TV reality show “Sasuke.”

In both shows, competitors try to complete obstacle courses that get harder with each round. It looked like so much fun that everyone had to try it at home.

Ninja Warrior classes combine Parkour skills with martial arts gymnastics. Gyms across the country have set up their own obstacle courses dedicated to this unique new sport. Ninja Warrior has become so popular that it has launched into a fully-fledged organized sport, with competitions held through the World Ninja League and the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association.

Are Ninja Warrior classes for kids a good idea?

Unlike Parkour, Ninja Warrior is competitive, with all players competing against each other to win the final prize. Kids love the challenge of moving through the course, stealthy as a ninja, and competing against others. However, they are also competing against themselves, trying to improve their own speed, flexibility, and agility.

While adults can enjoy open Ninja Warrior gyms, kids really appreciate some structure when it comes to training. Learning how to best use the equipment and getting coaching from experienced players is key to making Ninja Warrior rewarding for kids.

Formal class structure helps kids focus better on the goal and their own movement through each obstacle.

Benefits of Parkour or Ninja Warrior Training

While freestyle play and team sports have their advantages for kids, Parkour and Ninja Warrior training offer some distinctly unique advantages.

In too many cases, organized sports, and everything they entail, can become more of an enterprise than a fun way for kids to stay fit. The benefits of academic sports programs are obvious. However, for Brooklyn kids looking for a more multi-faceted sport, Parkour or Ninja Warrior training just might be the solution.

Parkour and Ninja Warrior training both offer kids a chance to develop their minds and their bodies. At the same time, they learn to gauge their own strengths and develop self-discipline and self-esteem.

Skills learned in these two sports include:

  • Better concentration
  • Improved flexibility
  • Better physical balance
  • Improved core strength
  • Better spatial awareness
  • Increased agility
  • Better body control
  • Improved coordination

One important lesson that children learn in Parkour or Ninja Warrior training is how to fall. And this lesson can build both physical and mental resilience.

Where can my kid get Parkour or Ninja Warrior training?

Aviator Sports has everything that Brooklyn kids need to explore and learn Parkour and Ninja Warrior.

Our obstacle course offers challenges that will improve strength, speed, and endurance. Parkour students can check out our new modular setup that includes boxes and metal rails for a customized obstacle course.

Ninja Warrior training provides structure and coaching with increasingly difficult courses that include slanted steps, cargo nets, spider walls, and more.

With classes for ages 5 to 17, and a choice between one-hour or one and half hour classes (or open sessions for teens), Brooklyn kids are sure to make Parkour or Ninja Warrior their new sport of choice.

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