Golf Practice Secrets: Par 3 Courses

It’s time you got serious about your game. You’re trying to fit in more time for golf practice, and you’ve heard that a Par 3 Course is the perfect solution. Newbies are confused by the nomenclature, while golf veterans might not know how playing a Par 3 course improves their game.

Here’s what you need to know about Par 3 courses and how they can make you a better golfer.

What is a Par 3 Course?

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Par 3 golf courses provide a way for you to play a quick round of golf. Many find this format offers a chance to get in some golf practice without spending the whole day at the course.

Regulation golf courses usually have a variety in a round of 18 holes. You’ll run into four par 3 holes, ten par 4 holes, and four par 5 holes. It’s a well-rounded course that offers plenty of variety and challenge.

A par 3 course, however, consists exclusively of holes you should be able to sink in three swings. This means it usually takes less than two hours to get in your golf practice.

In addition, instead of the usual 18 holes on a regulation course, a par 3 golf course often only has nine. To speed up the game even further, in many courses, each 3 par hole is usually under 150 yards, instead of the standard 200 on a regulation course.

So, each hole consists of one drive to get the ball to the putting green and two putts to sink it.

What Are the Benefits of a Par 3 Course?

Now that you’re ready to make the most of your swing, why are people recommending you try a 3 par golf course? What are the benefits?

Are par 3 courses good for practice?

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Our Par 3 is perfect to practice your short game with a pitching wedge and putter

Because a 3 par course takes less time to complete than regulation golf courses, you can often play any time of the week. You’ll be able to practice your golf game after work instead of waiting for the weekend when they’re normally packed.

Is a par 3 course good for beginners?

If you’re trying to recruit your teenager as a golf buddy, 3 par golf courses are a great way to introduce your kids to golf. The short format means no one gets bored, and the 3 par holes keep the game fast and exciting.

If you’ve had fun at the driving range or even playing putt-putt, a 3 par course is the next step in your evolution as a golfer.

Usually less expensive to play

Not only are the fees lower, you’ll also save money in other ways. No need to rent a cart. The abbreviated number of clubs needed means you won’t get worn out carrying your golf bag.

In fact, a 3 par golf courses are great for getting in a good workout.

What clubs are needed for par 3?

Aviator Sports encourages golfers to use only putters and wedges, those are all you need for a Par 3 course. So, if you’re not ready to invest in a full set, starting out on par 3 golf courses is an excellent choice.

Focus on critical skills

More specifically, playing 3 par courses improves your distance control because of the tight landing spots. You’ll also be able to focus on your short game.

Par 3 courses often have greens that are trickier to play, which means you’ll need to practice and improve your control.

Because every hole is 3 par, you need to be on top of your game to excel. Concentration is critical when every shot needs to be perfect.

Shorter drives also level the playing field – this isn’t about power, which you can improve on the driving range. Par 3 courses are for building accuracy and precision.

Great for groups

Because of the fast pace of play, you can usually bring a larger group on a 3 par course. This means they’re great for families or even team play. At Aviator, larger groups are a maximum of 4 people per tee time.

Where Do I Find a 3 Par Course Near Me?

Riis Park golf course from Aviator Sports is conveniently located at Riis Park Beach. Unlike some other 3 par courses, Riis offers 18 holes of 3—par holes. This makes it perfect for both laidback fun and serious practice.

Don’t have clubs? No worries – you can rent wedges and putters upon arrival.

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If you’re looking for the best of both worlds for your golf practice, hit up Aviator Sports. You’ll find the 18-hole 3 par golf course in the Rockaways.

Aviator’s full-sized driving range is on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, and features 75 stalls, with 25 covered and heated for practice any time of year.

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