Youth Soccer: The Benefits of this Great Sport for Brooklyn Kids

Many Brooklyn parents are stumped when it comes to organized sports for their kids. You may even wonder if participating in team sports prevents your child from focusing on school or other important activities. But there are quite a few measurable benefits of soccer for kids, and good science backs this up.

Team Sports Improve Mental Function in Kids

Did you know that, rather than detracting from academic success, team sports and other physical exercise can enhance it? A 2016 study revealed that physical activity increased complex cognitive processes in children between the ages of 5 and 13.

Better Health

Along with supporting brain function, soccer also improves a child’s general health. Soccer increases cardiovascular health, strengthens muscle and bone, and lowers body fat. Because the physical activity in soccer changes intensity throughout a game, it offers a fun and varied workout.

Soccer Promotes Life Skills

Team sports are good at teaching critical skills for navigating life too. In fact, many parents feel it’s the primary reason for signing their child up for local sports classes.

Participating in a kids’ soccer program can:

  • Create and nurture friendships
  • Teach sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Instill self-discipline
  • Develop leadership skills

Don’t overlook the mental health aspects of team soccer participation. Facing challenges and overcoming obstacles instills self-confidence that results in resilient kids. Working with others to develop goals and work together toward them helps children build healthy relationships.

And let’s face it, running around a soccer field reduces stress and helps kids sleep better.

A Parent’s Favorite Sport

Soccer isn’t just popular with kids; many parents find it to be the most flexible and accessible sport for their child.

  • Minimal equipment investment
  • Non-contact and fewer risks of injury
  • Emphasis on fun and teamwork
  • Year-round classes and clinics
  • Open to kids of all ages and abilities
  • Many opportunities for parent involvement

How long is a youth soccer game?

Another reason why soccer falls in as a parent favorite is because of the age-appropriate game clock. For little kids, those of preschool and kindergarten age, games only last about 20 minutes. Games become longer as kids grow into them.

The United Soccer Association recommends game length for children, as well as team sizes. This way, no child becomes too worn out or doesn’t get a chance to participate.

When is soccer season for youth?

Because kids need physical activity year-round, there is no traditional season for youth play. Some organizations have a spring and fall season, but many programs run year-round. The FC Copa Youth Soccer program at the Aviator Sports complex offers classes, clinics, and team play year-round.

How long is youth soccer season?

Soccer programs are offered year-round at Aviator Sports, the following information is for the winter season. The winter FC Copa Youth Soccer program for kids from 3 to 12 runs from November 15 to January 29, depending on your child’s age and the class days you choose.

For more experienced soccer players, there is also the winter Copa Keepers academy and a Shooting and Finishing clinic between November 19 and January 29.

Why Choose FC Copa for Kids Soccer?

Aviator is partnered with FC Copa in Brooklyn and hosts their program. Located conveniently at Floyd Bennett Field, the Aviator Sports complex is accessible via public transport from all areas of Brooklyn and beyond.

The facility boasts both indoor and outdoor turf for soccer practice, as well as plenty of fun activities for families before and after classes.


Aviator Sports is partnered with the FC Copa Academy that makes professional sports development accessible to Brooklyn kids. This professional organization’s mission is to provide assistance for career-track soccer players from ages 5 to 19, and into college programs.

FC Copa leverages their experience and knowledge, to provide local kids with dedication to excellence and year-round support. FC Copa coaches are USSF and/or NSCAA licensed, making them uniquely qualified to provide support, guidance, and coaching for boys and girls looking to turn their passion for soccer into a career.

Fun with Futsal

FC Copa Brooklyn at Aviator Sports also offers training and participation in the Futsal program for kids 7 to 12. This fun but competitive program is the only FIFA-recognized indoor soccer game, consisting of five players to a team. Participation includes training and participation in the Futsal State Cup and US Futsal Northeast Regional.

The focus in Futsal is on speed and ball control, honing soccer skills that translate perfectly to the field. If your child has a competitive gleam in their eye and wants to take their soccer game to the next level, Futsal is fun, fast, and even played a key role in creating legends like Pele, Messi, and Ronaldo.

Kids’ Soccer Programs in Brooklyn

Copa Youth Soccer programs in Brooklyn are accepting registrations now through Aviator Sports. Check out the links below for more information about the many options available.

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