FC Copa – Copa Futsal (Boys and Girls Ages 7-16)

Futsal Training with FC Copa

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Description:  The goal of the academy program is to develop your soccer skills to new heights via training and participation in the Futsal State Cup and the US Futsal Northeast Regional. Also known as “Five-a-Side” it is the only FIFA recognized indoor soccer game; it is played on an indoor hard-surface court with four field players and a goalkeeper. The sport has helped shape FC Copa Academy players’ technical proficiency, tactical understanding in small group settings, decision making in a fast-paced environment, and ability to make quick key adjustments throughout the course of a game. The FC Copa Futsal Academy has achieved tremendous competitive success in the Youth Futsal Arena at both the state and regional levels.



Boys and Girls ages 7-16



Regular Price: $395
Uniform Package Included


First week of December to early February.